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Raw Daddy/Boy Sex With Kyle Savage And Drew Sumrock

When Kyle Savage walks into Drew Sumrok’s room they turn into a pair of dogs in heat. Talk about your basic instinct and fatal attraction! And filming these two piggies getting into some daddy/boy roleplay…holy fuck! They go at each other in the shower, sucking down to the balls, choking and gagging and pleasing each other orally before taking their nasty raw sex to the bedroom where, after priming Drew some more, Kyle slams home and pounds the bottom whore as if his life depended on it. He works Drew over good, knowing this is one power bottom who can take all Kyle has to dish out. And then some. And you know this is going to end with a load up some freshly fucked, sloppy hole, right?

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Tomm Black Fucks Bo Eaton Outdoors With A Nighstick, Then His Raw Cock

When Bo Eaton escaped the big city for a short while to get some peace and quiet, little did he know that he would soon run into super-hot, always horny, bareback fucker Tomm Black. But Bo must have been horny being in the hills, and trekking through the woods because as soon as he sits down, he whips his dick out. That’s when Tomm shows up and the fun TRULY begins! Using his nightstick almost as a tool to, shall we say, coax Bo? Tomm not only sucks Bo’s dick, he shoves his own uncut, juicy piece in Bo’s face and the young man starts sucking. But what Tomm really enjoys is to wreck a tight fuckhole. So bending Bo over, Tomm works his nighstick up Bo’s ass and fucks him with it before pulling it out and shoving his raw cock inside him. After fucking Bo for a while, he then blasts a huge cum facial all over his face. Now isn’t that nice? At least Bo didn’t run into a bear!

Tomm Black and Bo Eaton have bareback sex in the hills

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New Bareback Slut Pup Brian Evans Fucked And Seeded By Chad Brock

When a sexy young man appears on the horizon who turns out to be a total bareback sex pig, we’re more than delighted. But when we discover just how much of a cock whore and cum slut he truly is it arouses us beyond our wildest expectations. That’s what happened with Chad Brock, paired here with adorable slut puppy Brian Evans. Chad let’s out his inner Daddy as Brian devours his cock down to the balls, proving he’s an agile cocksucker. However, Chad soon finds Brian is far more of a pig than even we knew when, while inspecting and stretching his hairy boy hole, Chad finds Brian was seeded just before he appeared for his film shoot. What could Chad do but take charge, fuck the hell out of the bareback slut and breed him?

Chad Brock Tops And Breeds New Bareback Slut Pup Brian Evans

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Zdeno Zimola and Alex Moretti’s Daddy/Son Bareback Roleplay

Hot muscled twink Zdeno Zimola is an easy-going twink who had a major thing for beefy, muscled and well-hung daddies. For him, it’s all about pleasing Daddy and keeping him satisfied. When he found out we were setting him up with Alex Moretti he confessed his butthole started twitching at the thought of that big uncut dick stretching his hole open. Interestingly enough when Alex took one look at Zdeno he knew the scene was going to end up with the twink on his back, his hungry asslips milking his throbbing shaft. Which is good since Alex is usually a bareback bottom dad. First Zdeno shows Alex his oral skills by deep throating him down to the balls right there on the couch while Alex plays with his ass. Then, after trading blowjobs, Zdeno bends over and practically shoves his smooth ass in Alex’s face. The ass-hungry daddy is eager to please his boy so he digs in deep, tongue fucking and fingering Zdeno’s boypussy before sliding balls deep inside the tight hole and bareback fucking his ass until they both explode and let the cum fly.

Daddy/Son Bareback Roleplay With Zdeno Zimola and Alex Moretti

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Jack Harper Gets Hole Inspected Then Fucked Bareback By Sex Doctor Martin Love

If you have a cute, young doctor, chances are every time you see him you get a boner because of the fantasy playing around in your head every time he checks your prostate. Gets you all hot and bothered, doesn’t it? Gloved hand, all that lube, his thick finger penetrating your sphincter and tapping that spot? You know the one. The one that makes your eyes roll back into your head. We bet it gets you all juiced up and flowing. Especially for those with the fantasy of taking it raw. If only it worked out as easily as it does for Martin Love, handsome sex doctor extraordinaire and a very horny Jack Harper, who walks in with a raging hard-on that just won’t quit. Well, Doctor Love’s seen cases like this and he knows sometimes a good hot mouth is all that’s needed. So he chows down on Jack’s cock and starts sucking it down his throat. Only it makes matters worse. Now HE’s got a big boner and Jack services him. But even that doesn’t seem to ease the pressure. Soon, Martin starts slobbering on Jack’s hole, lapping it like a dog beering his water but the only thing it does is to drive the burning desire to get barebacked even deeper into his patient. So there’s only one thing left to do. Doctor Love works his raw cock deep inside Jack, penetrating and pumping him full of raw hard cock as they have bareback sex until they both explode with creamy loads of cum. We think you’ll agree Martin Love has excellent bedside manner!

Sex Doctor Martin Love Inspects Jack Harper Then Barebacks His Hole

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