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Ethan Chase and Elias Otter

Sex doesn't come naturally for many of us. We fumble through, especially in the beginning, the way a newborn colt might struggle to gain his footing. And then there are those for whom sex comes naturally. Born to be fucked, submissive Elias Otter shows Ethan Chase what he can do with the man's huge Daddy cock. Now, Ethan isn't precisely a Daddy per se. At least, he doesn't consider himself to be one. But in this situation, the title fits. It seems, at first, Elias takes Ethan by the hand to show off his mad skills. But Ethan gains the upper hand and shows the skinny little thing that sometimes Daddies are capable of a trick or two. After making out and sucking each other, Ethan devours Elias and rims his hole until he's fully primed and sloppy with spit. Then Ethan slides home to bareback fuck little Elias. And after a heavy-duty pounding, after stretching the boy open and stuffing him full of dick, Ethan rewards Elias with a fresh seeding.

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Luke Harding and Mickey Carpathio

Bearded versatile daddy Mickey Carpathio is in the mood for some younger meet so he hooks up with tattooed and pierced Luke Harding. The taller, bearded top is so into fucking the bald otter they waste little time in sucking cock. Instead, Luke gets Mickey on his knees, on the couch for easy access. Luke buries his face in Mickey's crack and his tongue in daddy's hole. Then he lubes his raw cock and slides it into Mickey with one fell swoop, thrusting in and out without giving Mickey the chance to get used to the penetration. But Mickey doesn't mind. Plus he can handle anything Luke can dish out! Except Luke really gets Mickey going and it's not long before Mickey pops his load. Luke bareback fucks the jizz out of Mickey and keeps on fucking. When Luke sits back, Mickey straddles and bounces up and down the throbbing shaft, fucking himself. The action continues with Luke on top, pile driving into Mickey. But the bareback fuck doesn't end there. Luke, like a true bareback cum pig, has the stamina of a wild pony and keeps on fucking until he blows a huge load that Mickey savors.

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Hugh Hunter and Josh Stone

Super hot tattooed daddy Hugh Hunter puts cock hungry power bottom Josh Stone through his paces. It's pure unadulterated lust as Josh lets Hugh do what he wants. Fucking Josh's face and shoving that big thick cock down his throat, Hugh fucks his "son's" throat the way true cock whore bottoms want to have their throats fucked. But don't think Hugh is above returning the favor. He's soon on his knees sucking Josh and making a hell of a lot of noise but Josh is about to make even more noise as Hugh spits, rims, and spanks the horny bareback slut. This is what happens when a top daddy and a bottom son let their primal instincts take over. It hurts as you watch because you'll either be wishing you were the one rubbing your ass all over Hugh's face or the one tearing into Josh's pink fuckhole. Oh but it hurts so good as Hugh stretches Josh open with his tongue and fingers. Then Josh begs to be fucked. And if there's one thing Hugh knows how to do it's fuck a sexy young man whore. Hugh's cock and balls are the biggest, fattest, and most swollen we've seen as Hugh takes Josh like the bareback pig that he is. Hugh pounds Josh mercilessly, fucking him like a bitch in a sling. Letting loose with some loud grunting and dirty talk, Hugh fucks the cum out of Josh before unloading and seeding the jizz slut, feeding him that funky protein.

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Alessio Romero and Josh Stone

Alessio Romero and Josh Stone are the perfect couple for smoldering hot sex. Both are as different from the other as night and day. While Alessio is big and beefy and full of tattoos, Josh is slender and unmarked. Even better still is that he's submissive to the big burly daddy's brutish ways. Initial kissing, pit licking and nipple chewing aside, Josh drops to his knees and sucks Alessio's big uncut cock. But this isn't just a blowjob. It's a major face fucking! Alessio grabs the back of Josh's head and skull fucks the twink-like bottom, leaving him gasping for air when Alessio eventually, finally pulls out. But does Josh complain? Hell no! He takes everything Alessio has to offer like a true sex whore. Clad only in his jockstrap, ass up in the air, Josh clearly enjoys the rimjob Alessio gives him. Once spit-lubed, the beefy hairy tattooed daddy thrusts his big fat uncut cock inside Josh's skinny ass and goes to town fucking the bareback cum pig. After some ass-to-mouth, where Josh once again all but gets his breath cut off with that big dick down his throat, Alessio flips him on his back. Daddy rims his power bottom a bit more before once again sliding that fat piece of meat up his ass. He then grabs hold of Josh's neck and bareback fucks the slut until he's had his fill. Luckily, it doesn't happen for a good long while. And when Alessio unleashes his seed, it's big, thick and ropey. Josh eagerly sucks it out then impales himself right down on daddy's dick to fuck himself and cum inside his own jockstrap.

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Liam Griffin and Kyle Prince

Kyle Prince loves his husband Scott dearly. But he has an insatiable ass that just can't get enough. Unfortunately, they have a monogamous relationship, so Kyle just has to fantasies about tops fucking him. And he can't get enough of porn star Liam Griffin, just coming in and shoving his bearded face into his phat hairy ass and just eating him out for hours. Then flipping him on his back and feeling his big cock slide down his throat all the way down to his man balls. Then he wants to bend over and just let him take his phat slut ass however he wants and just wait for him to breed him. Guess dinner is ready, Scott is calling him.

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