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Lion Reed and Silver Steele

Lion Reed and his friend with benefits, Silver Steele, were hanging out in the pool on a lazy afternoon. But seeing each other's hot bodies dripping wet and in tight speedos only got them hot for each other. What Silver really wanted was to have beefy Lion take what's his and abuse his holes. Silver shows Lion his furry blond hole and Lion took the cue to shove his face in there first before he slides his raw cock in there and fucks the daylights out of Silver dripping sweat all over him. This is only gonna end one way, with Lion's load in Silver's slut hole!?

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Silver Steele and Kyle Prince

Silver Steele and his buddy Kyle Prince where looking at porn sites and both were talking about how they love thick cocks. When they bottom, they want to feel their jock hole's stretching and being used by the top. But all this hot talk and looking at porn got Silver rock hard and of course he had to show Kyle how thick his cock was. Kyle of course was in heaven and didn't waste any time getting that cock in his mouth and then his ass up in the air for Silver to ram his thick man meat in his loose jock cunt for the taking. Kyle's phat ass needs a thick big cock to satisfy it and Silver knew how to do that!

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Luke Harrington – A Compilation

No matter who he's with, Luke Harrington is always a bad-ass top. So if you like your daddies, big and bald, hung and hairy, feast your eyes on Luke, bareback fucking Shay Michaels, Russ Magnus, and Aarin Asker in this exclusive compilation from Breed Me Raw!

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Atlas Grant and Kyle Prince

When you're a big boy like Kyle Prince you have back problems that need a good massage. Kyle hires Atlas Grant to give him a good deep massage knowing that he cannot pay for it. Half way thru the massage Kyle informs Atlas he cannot pay so Atlas shoves his cock down his throat and tells him yes he will pay. When Atlas goes to fuck Kyle's huge ass, Kyle insists he is safe only so reluctantly Atlas puts on the condom so he can get in and start fucking Kyle's loose hole but after a few minutes of hard fucking the condom breaks and Kyle is clueless that he is now taking raw cock!

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Tyler Reed and Scott Riley

Was the end of a long week of shoots for Tyler Reed, so he had one of his models Scott Riley, give him a nice deep massage. But what Scott wanted, was Tyler's thick fuck stick again in both his holes. When he rolled Tyler over onto his back to massage his front, it didn't take Scott long to find him sucking Tyler's thick meat and getting it ready for his furry phat ass. Next thing Scott knew, he was on his stomach, ass up, legs spread, and Tyler had his full weight on his back and his thick cock was stretching his jock cunt! Looks like he was the one getting the massage now!

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