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Liam Griffin and Kyle Prince

Kyle Prince loves his husband Scott dearly. But he has an insatiable ass that just can't get enough. Unfortunately, they have a monogamous relationship, so Kyle just has to fantasies about tops fucking him. And he can't get enough of porn star Liam Griffin, just coming in and shoving his bearded face into his phat hairy ass and just eating him out for hours. Then flipping him on his back and feeling his big cock slide down his throat all the way down to his man balls. Then he wants to bend over and just let him take his phat slut ass however he wants and just wait for him to breed him. Guess dinner is ready, Scott is calling him.

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Tyler Reed and Bishop Angus

Bishop Angus has a thing for big beefy men and his husband, Zachery knows this. So, he wasn't surprised when Bishop mentions he has wet dreams of Tyler Reed coming in and owning his holes. He wishes he would just come in the room and start skull fucking him slapping his big hairy ass around to only flip him over and shove his cock raw deep in his hairy slut hole. He wants to be on his stomach and have Tyler put all his weight on his back and just to town on his big hairy ass. Of course, that can only be a fantasy cause Zachery is in the kitchen making dinner and its ready!

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Zachery Rhys and Gabriel Divo

Gabriel Divo loves his husband Silver, but he has a big crush on porn star Zachery Rhys and just loves how he takes an ass and fucks it like he owns it. He dreams of deep throating that juicy cut cock and then bending over and showing Zachery his smooth latin ass and wants him to eat his jock pussy out before he slides his raw cock deep into him and just power fuck it, leaving him all wet and sloppy. He wants his to use him like a cheap slut. But this is just a fantasy, or is it?

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Best of Brian Bonds

Wasn't hard for us to find six hot barebacking scenes with Brian Bonds. This hot slut gives and takes it with pleasure. You will enjoy watching his bareback his way with Aarin Asker, Riley Mitchel, Scott Riley, Luke Harrington and flip fuck with Beau Reed. This hot slut will make you blow your load in a heartbeat!

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