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Pheonix Fellington and Trey Turner

Pheonix Fellington just got off a late-night shift and was having a hot long soapy shower. So when his boyfriend Trey Turner called and said he was coming over. Pheonix reminded him that he needed some rest. But when Trey crawled into bed with him he was horny for his big black cock! Pheonix insisted they rest up for the next, and Trey with his attitude, did just that but started dreaming of that big black cock being shoved down his throat, then up his huge PHAT ass and taking that hot load in his gut. Trey shot his cum all over his chest and Pheonix was like, what the fuck!? Trey figured he would give some payback and said he had a dream with his favorite porn star!

Pheonix Fellington and Trey Turner

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Bishop Angus and Michael Roman

Bishop Angus and his hot boyfriend Michael Roman where laying in bed watching TV for the evening. Bishop wanted to chill but Michael wanted his hole used desperately. And was disappointed when Bishop insisted they go to bed.
But in Michael’s dream land he started having sex with Bishop anyways, letting his Daddy bareback his slut hole and give him that juicy load in his muscle ass, they way it was meant to be. Unfortunately, when Michael shot his load he really did shoot it and he woke up Bishop. Bishop was not impressed, especially when Michael said he was having a wet dream with his dream porn star!

Bishop Angus and Michael Roman

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Mason Lear and Dusty Williams

Mason Lear wanted to call it an early night in bed but his boyfriend Dusty Williams was a little frisky. Mason put his foot down and they went to bed. But that didn't stop Dusty from having a dream of him and Mason, fucking each other bareback and dumping some hot jizz. What Dusty didn't realize was that it was such a hot dream he shot his load and woke up Mason. Embarrassed with what just happened he lied and said he was dreaming of him getting fucked by his fantasy porn star!

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Tyler Reed and Riley Mitchel

Tyler Reed was having a lazy afternoon working on his next shoot while his partner Riley Mitchel was out servicing his clients. Riley comes home with a worked over hole and wanted it worked over some more by his Big Daddy, so he interrupts Tyler and starts going down on his thick cock, getting it hard for his opened hole. Tyler didn't waste much time and picked up Riley and carried him to the bedroom only to slam him on the bed and then start slamming his loose hole. Man that looked like a hard fuck!

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