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Sean Knight and Dale Savage

Dale Savage loves getting used by hot young men and not seeing who they are so he starts texting an anonymous fuck he had in his contacts to come over and work him over. Daddy needed some seed in his hole and he was desperate. Blindfolded and waiting in the bedroom, Sean Knight comes in and whips out his cock for Dale to start sucking and feeling up Sean's hot hairy muscled body and begging for him to shove his cock in Daddy's slut hole. Before you know it Dale's ass is up in the air and getting barebacked by young cock. Dale finally gets what he wants without even knowing who made the deposit!

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Mason Lear, Brian Bonds and Josh Stone

Brian Bonds is known for being a hot slut, and when his bf, Mason Lear, stepped out for a minute it didn't take Brian long to find Josh Stone and shove his tongue down his throat! When Mason returned, he couldn't stay mad at Brian very long cause Josh was a hot slut with a nice cock that Brian was already sucking and getting rock hard. Mason and Josh tossed Brian back and forth and used his holes for what they were for and before you knew it they were double fucking his slut ass and making him moan like a fucking slut! But Mason and Brian had other plans and flipped Josh over and they double fucked him and left his hole gaping and wet!

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Tyler Reed and Bishop Angus

Everyone knows Tyler Reed is a big top but so is Bishop Angus. Bishop starts by giving Tyler a back massage but it quickly turns confrontational as to who is the bigger top and who is gonna fuck who. Bishop makes a mistake and punches Tyler's massive chest and well that is not something you want to do, that is like poking the fucking bear. He got a response all right, Bishop becomes Tyler's bareback bottom bitch and Tyler didn't finish until his cum was leaking out of Bishop's hairy bum. Who's the bigger top now, eh?

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Brian Bonds and Scott Riley

In another Stoney Moment scene, Brian Bonds interviews Scott Riley to discuss Scott's Daddy issues and if he has sex with guys his own age. Well it didn't take long before Scott was on his knees, deep throating Brian's thick fuck stick and gagging on it. While Brian was enjoying Scott's mouth he was fingering Scott's hairy hole and getting it ready for some serious ass fucking. But before that could happen, Brian had to shove his face in that phat hairy ass and almost suffocate! Brian then slid his thick cock Scott's well used hole and started power fucking that slut hole. Working up a sweat, Scott rode that fuck stick like it was the last cock in town! But we DID find out Scott will get fucked by any raw cock and not just Daddies.

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