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Tyler Reed and Beau Reed

Being the director, producer and camera man on his shoots, Tyler Reed needs a good rub down during the shoots. Tyler ordered one of his new boys, Beau Reed, to give him a massage in between sets and wanted it deep! Standing just as tall as Tyler, Beau gets to work on his huge back but noticed Tyler's cock was pulsating. Beau went were so few bottoms have gone before and starting eating Tyler's big ass out! With his ass in the air Beau was able to start sucking that thick cock getting it fucking rock hard. Tyler jumps off the table and pushes Beau down on his stomach only to rip his shorts and shove his raw cock into Beau's bubble butt! Beau has watched Tyler's videos before and knew that his ass was about to be owned. He loved every inch of it, begging for that daddy load in his ass!

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Shay Michaels and Sage Daniels

In another one of Sage Daniels' come back scene he got to service muscle hunk Shay Michaels in this hot scene. Sage doesn't waste time dropping to his knees and sucking Shay's curved cock right down to the base and making Shay moan loud. Sage has been a slut since he last filmed and got good at deepthroating big cocks. Shay bends over Sage and rips his underwear to get at that slut hole eating it out and watch as it pulsates for his raw cock. Lubing up his cock he then shoves it in Sage's slut hole only to find that it has been well used as well. Nothing like fucking a good slut boy raw!

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Gabriel Fisk and Russ Magnus

As Gabriel Fisk lay there with his hard-on, chiseled pecs and pierced nipples, his husband walked in on him. Knowing how to service his hubby, Russ Magnus gets to his knees and shoves that cock in his mouth, pulling the PA with his tongue and swallowing that fucker to the balls. But Gabriel had other plans so he puts Russ on his knees and slides his fingers in that hot husband hole and gets Russ all worked up over what is about to come next. Gabriel slaps his fat uncut cock against that hole and slides only the PA in first, teasing before he shoves the rest of that cock deep into his property. He fucks Russ on every piece of furniture in the living room before giving Russ what he really wants…a hot juicy load!

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Aarin Asker and Victor West

Aarin Asker doesn't top much, but he will do whatever his Sir tells him to do. So he didn't question his orders when he was told to top the big hairy ass of Victor West. Aarin went to town making this hairy daddy service his cock and deep throat the fucker, getting it all wet. Aarin turns Victor over and rips his underwear to get at that hairy hole and shove his raw cock up there deep. Victor loved having a hot "boy" own his slut hole, fucking it raw and making him take every inch. This is what Victor was built for – to have his big ass used by raw cock! And the scene is a MUST SEE for lovers of hairy built bodies!

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Sage Daniels and Chip Young

Chip Young loves a good glory hole session, especially when a big, thick cock comes through it. He worked his throat to take the whole rod, only to be left gasping for air. After pulling away, he spit all the extra saliva over the cock. Chip noticed that not only was this dick big, but it had a big set of balls to go with it. The cock then pulled back out of the hole and Chip heard the door being fumbled to be opened. He rushed out to see who it was. And who came out of door number two? None other than Sage Daniels! They quickly grabbed each other and shoved each other's tongues in their mouths. Kissing passionately, and rubbing against each other, their cocks throbbed with excitement. Sage's cock and Chip's hole were finally ready. Sage bent Chip over a swing, and thrust his cock deep into Chip's hole. It quickly loosened to take the large cock! Sage wasn't satisfied, though. His cock wasn't going deep enough in that fat ass. So he turned Chip over and threw his legs into the air. Sage's cock sunk all the way to the base and he pounded away, hitting just the right spot until both were satisfied with the sticky mess Chip had become.

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