Jake Wildes Slides Raw Goals Deep Into Rugy Receiver Travis Rush

Jake Wilde and his buddy Travis Rush are on the same rugby team. After a game, they get home still hot and bothered, in need of release. Travis wastes little time in getting Jake to take off his shirt. Enjoying his ripped body, Travis licks, kisses and teases his nipples before moving on to his bulging cock. With his hand inside Jake’s underwear, Travis teases his jock buddy by stroking his hot, throbbing shaft before opening his mouth and devouring him. Jake loves getting serviced so he kicks back to enjoy the afternoon blowjob. But when he decides to go for more he lays Travis out, ass up in the air, sliding his raw cock home to fuck the bottom bareback. Jake uses Travis like the whore that he is, making him moan and sigh until both explode with creamy loads. And THAT’S how you relieve tension after a game, by sliding a couple of raw goals deep into your receiver!

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