Compact Muscle Boy Marcus Mateo Topped Raw By Big Daddy Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed loves nothing more than topping a small, compact muscle boys. Coming in at 5’4” Marcos Mateo is definitely one of the small, compact muscle boys Tyler likes to dominate! The hot young man stood tall enough to suck Tyler’s nipples without bending over. Of course, it helps that Tyler is 6’+ how ever many inches! After Marcos sucked Tyler’s pecs he pushed the cocksucker down towards his cock. Marcos was more than happy to oblige. He opened his mouth, wrapped his lips around Tyler’s dick and sucked like a piglet until that manmeat was thick, hard, and throbbing. Then Tyler turned his attention to the greedy cocksucker’s bubble butt, knowing his thick piece would have to penetrate that puckered fuckhole…SOON! After a few minutes of raw fucking, both the camera man AND Tyler noticed some cum leakage. Despite Marcos denying that he’d been fucked and loaded before he came on set, Tyler knows the smell of another man’s cum. Naturally, this only fueled his desire to fuck the slut harder and deeper, pounding the whore into bareback submission like the true boycunt that he is. WOOF!

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