Swapping Demon Seed

From the moment hung bareback sex pigs Daemon Sadi and Lex Antoine met, they were inseparable. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each another! Of course, it helps that they’re both sex pigs and whores but the common bond was a love of laying in bed just kissing and cuddling. When Daemon came back from running errands he walked back in to find Lex playing with himself. And just as we would do, Daemon stripped and soon joined Lex. After making out, Daemon decided to tasted Lex’s thick white cock once more. And can we just say? That fucking dick is F-A-T! Daemon tried to take it down his throat but, with the P.A., it was simply too much meat for Daemon to handle. But that didn’t mean he was about to quit. After all, he DOES have a hungry black fuck hole. And so, unable to take Lex down his throat, Daemon turned around and swallowed it whole with his big bubble. We’re talking sliding in with one fell swoop. Like a hot knife through butter, Lex pounds Daemon for awhile, then pulls out only to sit on his new fuck buddy’s fat dark chocolate dick. While riding Daemon, Lex lets loose and shoots a load all over Daemon’s chest. Having Lex’s jizz on him, Daemon is so aroused he flips Lex on his stomach and pummels his hairy white ass before blowing his load deep inside, breeding the cum hungry pig.

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