The Claiming, Breeding, And Seeding Of Santiago’s Hole

Sexy young latino Santiago Rodriguez entered the bedroom, ready to get his hole stuffed full of raw meat and claimed by Bo Bangor who was laying in bed waiting. Similar in height, that was as far as their similarities went. Everything else complete opposite, which is why they worked so well together. Santiago is a total bottom cum load collector and wanted Bo’s milk, draining his balls directly into his hole. And to get it, Santiago was eager to start by pleasing Bo by sucking his cock and nipples. Eventually, after some noisy slurping, rimming and priming, Santiago’s hole gets filled to the brim, stretched and pumped. And just like Santiago wanted, Bo claimed his hole, seeded and breeding it before fucking his throat. Santiago couldn’t take it anymore and wound up shooting an enormously huge load of fresh jizz.

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