Marinading Raw Meat And Stuffing Holes In The Kitchen

After filming, and fucking, Preston Johnson, we knew he had a huge hole that was rarely ever satisfied. In fact, his lust for getting fucked is exceeded only by his desire to get fucked in the kitchen and taking on the biggest piece of meat he can find. So we searched until we got Lex Antoine to satisfy Preston and that greedy hole of his. Lex, who has a massive 8×6 uncut cock, sports a zero gauge PA. That can cause some serious damage! Preston insisted he could take it on without chipping a tooth or getting his hole wrecked but, best of all, without chipping the granite kitchen countertops. We wouldn’t have wanted to pay for that!

Standing on the counter to make it easy for Lex to get to his hole, Preston was primed, lubed, and pumped full of raw meat. And like the true cock whore that he is, he took on that huge uncut French cock with that ginormous Prince Albert, fucked until he could no longer stand,  and was true to his word. His hole wasn’t wrecked. Although it was definitely stuffed and marinaded! Hmmm. Wonder if this is how Ramsey Gordon got started?

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