Brock In Bloom

Fucking bareback obviously isn’t for everyone. There are risks involved, no matter how many precautions you think you can take. Fucking bareback is also about choice. And just as having bareback sex is all about the connection between cock and hole, and the giving and taking of a load, it can also be about tenderness and sensuality. It doesn’t always have to be a mad rush, slamming hard and pounding rough, although there are those who might disagree. If you don’t believe us that bareback sex can be about the softer side of masculinity, just take Chad Brock and Butch Bloom as a case in point.

When you watch these two, it’s almost as if they wanted to be lovers. Or maybe they are and they just didn’t tell us. They waste little time, if any, getting into each other’s arms and making out, all while caressing one another like lovers in heat. Butch loves him some muscle daddies and was soon on his knees, swallowing the length of Chad’s cock. Guess he wanted to prove to Chad that he was a good boy. Yeah. A good boy at sucking dick! After returning the favor and rimming his sweet little hole, Chad sits down to watch as Butch slides down his pole and takes him for a raw ride until he works out that load he so desperately wanted. Once a load collector, always a load collector.

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