Sebastian Rio Leaves Matt Sizemore With Cum-Filled Hole

The really good thing about filming guys who share a chemistry and are super horny is that by the time we start rolling, the men are almost always already in action. Take Sebastian Rio and Mark Sizemore as an example. These two were already busy sucking cock when we hit “RECORD!” Standing on scaffolding was the perfect position for Sebastian to be in as Matt remained standing on the floor, slurping, servicing, and deep throating that huge piece of uncut meat. In fact, Matt was gagging at times what with all that throat fucking and Sebastian grabbing the back of Matt’s head and just pumping him until he had to pull back for lack of air. Nasty Sebastian! And we love him for it.

After getting his big meat serviced, Sebastian returned the favor, swallowing Matt’s own sizeable curved piece before turning him around and rimming his hot daddy hole. And you do know it didn’t end there, right? Well, Matt had apparently been fucked recently but do you think Sebastian went easy on him? Hell, no! Sebastian dug deep, at times slow and tender, at times hard and rough. But no matter how he fucked Matt, the daddy whore couldn’t stop moaning. When Sebastian picked up speed, it was to breed and seed Matt’s hungry fuckhole. When he pulled out, the load just oozed out and Matt, turned on by the thought of all that jizz inside him, fired off a load of his own that splattered all over his belly. Yeah. That’s how you fuck a bottom daddy whore.

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