Sebastian Rio Fucks The Cum Out of Morgan Black

For all you tops out there, you know how difficult it is to fuck just one hungry hole. Especially if it’s a hot, raw man who needs cum buried deep inside him. The same rule applies for bottoms. Once you’ve got a hard, throbbing cock pumping you full of meat and jizz, you don’t want to stop with just one. You need to start collecting loads. We offer up Sebastian Rio as the example of a top who can’t stop with just one hole and Morgan Black, who can’t stop with just one cock.

Fresh from fucking Matt Sizemore, Sebastian is still hungry for more ass. Morgan, having been fucked the night before by our very own Tyler Reed, he’s still hungry for more cock and seed. So it was a no-brainer to pair up the two bareback sex pigs. After trading deep and intense blowjobs, Sebastian lays into Morgan with his tongue buried deep in his crack. After teasing and tongue-fucking, filling Morgan full of spit, Sebastian is ready to plow into Morgan. And that’s exactly what he does. Alternating between deep, hard and rough and nice and slow, Sebastian pounds the hell out of Morgan, pumping his load into him and breeding the whore while, at the same, fucking the cum out of the greedy cock pig.

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