Deep Breeding In The Sauna With Morgan Black And Dominic Sol

When the connection between two men is solid and trust has been established, there’s very little they wouldn’t do for each other sexually. Real life boyfriends Morgan Black and Dominic Sol have that type of relationship. Always up for sex, they can get hard just about anywhere, but especially in the shower. Guess there’s something about all that gushing water. As Dominic and Morgan make out beneath the spray, still wearing their underwear, they’re completely turned on. They take turns sucking each other, but in a teasing way, then tear their underwear and just ram their faces into the others ass. But the full-on action is when they make their way into the sauna.

Dominic barebacks Morgan with little more than spit and sweat as lube. Except that Morgan was fucked the night before. Three times, no less! And by none other than Tyler Reed. Morgan was still sore so Dominic bends over and takes Morgan. The Latin’s muscled, bubble butt gets majorly manhandled, which is what slutty holes like his were made for. And with all that sweat dripping down his back and into his crack, Dominic milks Morgan’s shaft until his boyfriend unloads inside him, with the hungry little piggy — freshly fucked — doing a little ass to mouth to make sure he gets every last drop of his man’s jizz.

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