Breeding A Load Collector

Tober Brandt is back and the big, hairy muscle man is ready to fuck an up and coming popular chewtoy, Dylan Hyde. The scene might start out all fluffy with kissing and groping but soon turns into an all out cocksucker’s delight what with Tober shoving Dylan’s face down onto his cock, making him gag, and the greedy pig practically throwing himself at Tober’s juicy piece of meat. Yes, Tober returns the favor. After all, what man doesn’t like to suck cock? Especially since Dylan’s no small fry. Tober even manages to get Dylan’s dick AND balls into his mouth! But what Tober really wants is Dylan’s fuckhole. Rimming Dylan as if his very life depended on it, Tober slides his pierced cock balls deep into the bareback bottom. Once Tober’s entrenched inside the load collector with nothing more than spit, he soon discovers that Dylan’s already been fucked. But does this deter Tober? HELL no! It only pushes him further, deeper, harder, until he delivers a load of his own.

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