Tyler Reed Asks Butch Bloom, “Who’s Your Daddy Now?”

If you’ve ever been curious as to what happens when you pit an Alpha Top with an Alpha Bottom, you’re about to find out because with Tyler Reed and Butch Bloom, we’ve done just that. One thing is guaranteed. Well, two things really. The first is that it’s going to be a hot, rough scene. Butch practically devours Tyler’s cock, servicing his balls and offering up his ass for Tyler to fuck bareback. Which he does. Hard. Deep. Rough. The louder Butch gets, the harder Tyler fucks. In fact, with all that energetic and enthusiastic pounding here’s the second thing you can expect. Tyler’s breeding hole. The cocky bareback bottom gets put in his place with a big load of cum up his ass. Lucky for us we get to see the final spurt when Tyler pulls out. And now that Tyler’s seeded the cum hungry whore, he wants to know, “Who’s your Daddy now?”

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