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Kamrun Slams Rowdy McBeal With Raw Black Dick In A Sling

Getting back to his Topping days, Kamrun is hungry to fuck. The need to unload is great and he’ll do whatever he has to, including sucking dick. Not that he minds. He loves a hard piece of meat throbbing his mouth and buried down his throat. Especially since the dick he’s sucking belongs to Rowdy McBeal. Kamrun is eager to fuck his tight hole but digs into the skinny white boy’s ass and rims his puckered starburst. Rowdy then wastes little time in getting in the sling where Kamrun works his fat dick inside Rowdy’s hungry fuck hole and tears into him bareback until they each pump a load from their balls.

after sucking each other, kamrun rims rowdy mcbeal then fucks him bareback in a sling

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Bareback Top Tomm Black Takes His First Load On Camera

We’ve seen Tomm Black be a total cock pig, sucking and getting sucked with all sorts of men, jocks, and twinks. We’ve also seen him fucking hundreds of tight fuck holes, from safe to bareback. But what the man is good at, whether you know him as Tomm Black or Zack Hood, is fucking raw ass. Lately, he’s been allowing himself to give into what he most wants to do, and that’s cumming on or in, some gaping hole. And if you know what it’s like to spurt your jizz into a freshly fucked hole, you know how difficult it is to do anything other than that. But now, in a rare on-camera scene, this hot, beefy, muscled stud gets fucked up the ass by blond muscle jock Leon Saikov. Not only does Tomm get fucked, he practically begs for it by the end. Leon dumps his load inside Tomm, breeding the man’s ass. When he pulls out, we see the impressive amount of seed come bubbling and drooling out of Tomm’s manhole. It doesn’t get any hotter than this, gents!

Bareback Top Tomm Black Bottoms For Leon Saikov And Takes His First Load

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Power Bottom Dominic Sol Collects Tyler Reed’s Cum Deposit

Any Top worth his weight in gold will know that finding a willing, greedy, hungry power bottom is truly a rare thing. Men like Tyler Reed know a true cock and cum whore is rare. Which is why when he met Dominic Sol, the beefy stud put the Latin through his paces. Well, guess what? Turns out Dominic is quite the cock sucker. His talented mouth opens nice and wide to take Tyler’s fat dick balls seep. But it’s not just about sucking. This boy can take a hard throat fucking without even gagging! To say nothing of that meaty ass and the rimming Tyler gives him. The proof, however, is in the rough, deep, hard pounding Tyler gives Dominic. Even after Tyler deposits his load in Dominic’s freshly fucked hole and we see it slowly oozing out, we get the feeling Dominic can handle much, much more. We look forward to checking out more of this complete slut.

Tyler Reed fucks Dominic Sol’s face then fucks his ass bareback

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Kane Rider Takes Danny Lopez For A Deep, Hard Fuck

Think of a meaty, hot round ass then think of an incredibly thick, curved black cock. We’re talking J-Lo booty and beer can fat piece of meat. That’s Danny Lopez and Kane Rider. Danny is always hungry, eager and willing to take a raw dick up his ass and Kane…well, let’s just say that he’s equally happy on the bottom or top; especially since he’s letting out his inner Top as of late! Personally, we’re glad he’s doing that. With a dick like his, Kane was born to be barebacking tight deep fuck holes and taking them hard. And judging by the mewling sounds Danny was making, we seem to think he thinks so, too!

Danny Lopez sucks Kane Rider’s big black cock then gets his underwear ripped and his hole fucked raw

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