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Mark Miroslav Leaves Jason Crichott With An Oozing Cum Hole

There are some people in the world who can be extremely persuasive. Then again, one could make the argument that those people just might be more intuitive than others, and able to see into someone in order to give them the slight nudge they need to do something they’ve always wanted, such as fulfill a sexual fantasy. Which is what’s happened here with Mark Miroslav, an extremely friendly and overly friendly young man who knows exactly what Jason Crichott wants. So, after they take turns trading blowjobs, pleasing the other with their cocksucking, Mark nudges Jason. It takes very little effort. Soon, however, Jason is getting his tender hole fucked bareback and taking Jason’s seed deep up his ass. We warn you, though. This is going to make you wish you had a leaky cum hole before you to lap up or, at the very least, make you want to lick the screen!

Mark Miroslav and Jason Crichott trade blowjobs then Mark fucks Jason until he shoots a load in his ass

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Rocky Fox Bends His Buddy Jon Julian Over A Desk For A Raw Fuck

There’s nothing like having a really good buddy willing to be there for you no matter what. Muscled hunk Rocky Fox has recently found this out. His B.F.F. Jon Julian has made himself available to Rocky for practically anything he wanted. Now the only problem is that Rocky’s wondering if Jon’s friendship and willingness to do whatever Rocky wants extends to sex. You see, Rocky’s horny. He wants a blowjob. But more importantly, he wants to fuck. So when Jon shows up, having promised to help him with his work, it soon becomes clear that neither wants to do anything except have sex and fuck like rabbits. So, after each shows off his oral skills, Rocky bends Jon over the edge of his desk, works his raw dick inside his good buddy and goes to town pounding him full of raw dick.

Jon Julian sucks Rocky Fox on the job then gets fucked bareback

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Super Hung Blond Twinks Billy Drake And Zack Black Fuck Bareback

When it comes to porn, there’s something for everyone. Certain sites find a niche and stay there, as we have. For the most part. Every once in a while, we come across a couple of guys that we just need to share. Like Billy Drake and Zack Black. The two are perfect for those who appreciate twinks and young jocks. Billy and Zack are neither but they’re kind of in between the two. Can’t you see these guys as swimmers? Basketball players? Goodness knows they’re tall enough and one things for sure. They’re totally hung! Yes, they could be bigger but right now, this isn’t about monster cock. This is about watching Billy fuck the hell out of Zack with his incredibly fat, round 9-inch tool Zack does try to suck it down but it’s just too big, which is why he grinds down and handles that piece of meat like a hungry cock hound. Oh, and wait until you see him feed straight from Billy’s dick when he cums. We haven’t seen a look of happiness like this in a long time!

Billy Drake and Zack Black trade blowjobs, have a 69, and fuck bareback

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Athletic Bottom Twink Ivan Rowdy Fucked Raw By Muscle Daddy Tomm Black

If you’re a fan of Tomm Black, you probably know that the sexy muscle daddy with bedroom eyes has a huge thing for twinks. Yeah, he’ll fuck jocks and other men but he loves his tight young boyholes. Maybe it’s a power thing. Whatever the reason, he’s back to his old tricks in this scene with athletic twink Ivan Rowdy who’s turning into quite the bareback bottom! Tomm goes down on the young man’s uncut dick, teasing him, then fucking his face for a while before burying his face in the still-tight pink hole. After a good rim session, Tomm tops the jock twink, working his uncut piece of meat balls deep inside until Ivan’s eyes roll back into his head. Watching Tomm take Ivan will make your cock stiff but wait until you see him breed Ivan. It’s not something Tomm usually does but we were all surprised — and you didn’t hear any complaints from Ivan, either! — when Tomm pulled out and all that hot cum oozed out of the freshly fucked hole. Tomm just shoved his cock back inside Ivan and kept fucking a while before Ivan shot his own load all over his muscle daddy’s chest.

Bareback Muscle Daddy Tomm Black Tops Athletic Twink Ivan Rowdy

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Beefy Bareback Bottom Andy West Worships Young Bodybuilder Ennio Guardi

Ennio Guardi is the perfect bodybuilder. He’s young, good-looking, and nicely hung. Andy West is the beefy bareback bottom who wants to worship the young stud. After making out and sucking his fat uncut cock for a bit, Ennio returns the favor before Andy pulls out the oil. And the fun begins. Playful muscle worship with Ennio’s beautiful body shown to perfection. Andy really works the thick slab of meat, too! And they look a feast when they get into a 69, servicing each other and swallowing all that cock. But the best treat is yet to come. With Andy on all fours, ass up in the air, Ennio exposes the tight manhole, fingering it with some of the same oil rubbed all over him. Soon, Andy’s getting fucked raw, his ass stretched by the thick base as he’s plowed by Ennio. Sadly, it all has to come to an end but what a finish! Ennio spews as if he were a fountain and his cum arcs in the air with Andy lapping up some of the fresh jizz and savoring the flavor.

Young Bodybuilder Ennio Guardi Worshipped By Bareback Bottom Andy West

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