Kamrun Slams Rowdy McBeal With Raw Black Dick In A Sling

Getting back to his Topping days, Kamrun is hungry to fuck. The need to unload is great and he’ll do whatever he has to, including sucking dick. Not that he minds. He loves a hard piece of meat throbbing his mouth and buried down his throat. Especially since the dick he’s sucking belongs to Rowdy McBeal. Kamrun is eager to fuck his tight hole but digs into the skinny white boy’s ass and rims his puckered starburst. Rowdy then wastes little time in getting in the sling where Kamrun works his fat dick inside Rowdy’s hungry fuck hole and tears into him bareback until they each pump a load from their balls.

after sucking each other, kamrun rims rowdy mcbeal then fucks him bareback in a sling

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