Fucked So Hard The Condom Broke!

We’ve known people who fuck so hard, and so deep, the condom they were using either got loose and slipped off or broke. We’ll leave you to ponder that, if you will, and enjoy whatever titillating thoughts you’re having. All we know is that Justin Jameson, a.k.a. Travis Turner, is back. He’s bigger, badder, and beefier than he was. In fact, he’s downright a bruiser type, despite his friendly demeanor. Besides, when it comes to sex it’s the attitude that counts and he gives it to Danny Lopez in waves. Then again, what with Danny’s incredibly meaty ass, a guy like Justin’s bound to do whatever it takes to bury himself balls deep in that raw hole. Yeah, Justin fucks Danny’s face but it’s the hole he wants and, after slipping on the rubber, pounds the ever loving hell out of that deep fuckhole until the condom breaks. Yeah.

Beefy bruiser Justin Jameson fucks Danny Lopez bareback

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