Tyler Reed Makes Kane Rider and Danny Lopez Compete For His Load

Ever been so horny that you just wanted to fuck, and fuck, then keep right on fucking? Or maybe you’re a bottom and you just wanna lie there and take on all cummers. Get fucked, fucked and more fucked up on collecting loads. There is a certain high that you get from all that fucking and, whether you’re on top or on the bottom, raw animal sex just for the fuck of it is one of man’s most primal urges. So, now that you know the mood I was in, you’ll understand why I called up Kane Rider and Danny Lopez, two of my biggest, best and baddest asses who crave loads up their ass and were made to be load collectors. And with their big bubble asses, how can anyone resist? I hope you enjoy this totally lamateur scene where we talk about the toys I’m going to use on them. Danny and I even get Kane not to laugh during sex when we make him say the word “Cock.” Both masculine bareback sex bottoms give it up for big daddy and I make them mine, marking my territory with some raw fucking. First one, then the other. Back and forth. Until I’m ready to bust my load inside one of them. It’s a bit like playing Russian Roulette. One of them is going to get it but which one? Make sure you check out the scene to find out which lucky cock hound gets my load of cum!

Kane Rider and Danny Lopez Compete For Tyler Reed's Load

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