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Danny Lopez Gets Big Beefy Bubble Butt Seeded By Tyler Reed

There’s just something about a big ass, isn’t there. You know it. We know it. So why not give in and drool to what you really like? Danny Lopez has the type of muscular, bubble butt that will not only make your mouth water. It’ll get your cock hard and dripping. And right now, for this scene, Tyler Reed’s got him. He’s using his holes to please his cock. And as if it weren’t enough watching Danny deep throat Tyler, then pay close attention to the way Tyler fucks Danny. In all positions. Soft. Hard. Deep. Hard. Rough. And in case you start to drool watching Tyler’s own big meaty ass, that’s okay. We’ll understand. His is the kind of ass that was meant for you to bury your face into and eat out his deep hole while he fucks a bareback bottom like Danny. The cock-hungry Latino takes everything Tyler has to give and is rewarded by the big, beefy top who breeds Danny’s hole and leaves him with a creampie. Hmmm. Bet you wanna lick your computer screen now, dontcha?

Tyler Reed Breeds Danny Lopez

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Tyler Reed Gets His Beefy Ass Well Eaten Before Fucking Kane Rider Bareback

There’s nothing like burying your face into a big, hot muscle ass and your tongue into its tight hole. And no one has a more delectable ass than Tyler Reed. And guess what? Few people know this but he loves a bottom with a good tongue who knows how to clean out his beefy manhole! Kane Rider is the lucky fuck who, after a workout, and wearing their jockstraps and sneakers, gets to rim Tyler and eat him out good. Tyler returns the favor, naturally. After all, Kane’s got a mouth-watering bubble butt that was meant to be devoured. But only when Tyler is good and ready. And, as Tyler puts it, “I eat out Kane’s black PHAT ass and get it all wet and juicy so I can bareback his slut hole right there on the workout bench.” Fuck. Doesn’t that just make your cock flow and your butthole pucker? After a long, deep, ball-busting bareback session, Tyler moves Kane to the mats. There, he collects his load in a glass and uses it to creampie Kane’s black hole before shoving his own cock inside Kane’s ass and jizzing him deep inside the way he always does.

Kane Rider Eats Out Tyler Reed's Beefy Ass Then Gets Fucked Bareback

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Jack Harper Gets Hole Inspected Then Fucked Bareback By Sex Doctor Martin Love

If you have a cute, young doctor, chances are every time you see him you get a boner because of the fantasy playing around in your head every time he checks your prostate. Gets you all hot and bothered, doesn’t it? Gloved hand, all that lube, his thick finger penetrating your sphincter and tapping that spot? You know the one. The one that makes your eyes roll back into your head. We bet it gets you all juiced up and flowing. Especially for those with the fantasy of taking it raw. If only it worked out as easily as it does for Martin Love, handsome sex doctor extraordinaire and a very horny Jack Harper, who walks in with a raging hard-on that just won’t quit. Well, Doctor Love’s seen cases like this and he knows sometimes a good hot mouth is all that’s needed. So he chows down on Jack’s cock and starts sucking it down his throat. Only it makes matters worse. Now HE’s got a big boner and Jack services him. But even that doesn’t seem to ease the pressure. Soon, Martin starts slobbering on Jack’s hole, lapping it like a dog beering his water but the only thing it does is to drive the burning desire to get barebacked even deeper into his patient. So there’s only one thing left to do. Doctor Love works his raw cock deep inside Jack, penetrating and pumping him full of raw hard cock as they have bareback sex until they both explode with creamy loads of cum. We think you’ll agree Martin Love has excellent bedside manner!

Sex Doctor Martin Love Inspects Jack Harper Then Barebacks His Hole

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Zack Hood Fucks Boyfriend Thor Cruz Outdoors Bareback

Hot Euro stud Zack Hood has a new boyfriend and he’s got a surprise for the the dark-haired Latino. Zack packs Thor Cruz up into his car and they go for a ride into the woods. But once they get there the muscled jock gets Thor all hot and bothered with a deepthroat blow job, long before they ever even get out of the car! The sexy, relaxy-eyes muscled stud then gets out of the car and pushes his beautiful boyfriend to his knees where Thor worships Zack’s cock with some noisy, sloppy cock sucking. Tomm plays with Thor’s hole and after a while the dark-haired Latin rides Zack bareback, fucking himself on the man’s juicy cock, his own cock and balls bouncing up and down. Zack pumps away, teaching his boyfriend once again, that you CAN have bareback sex in the woods and no one will hear you scream. Except for the cameraman.

Zack Hood and Thor Cruz Bareback Outdoors

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