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Rocco Martinez Fucked Bareback By Buster Sly

Rocco Martinez is hungry again. This time, the Latin bodybuilder has his eyes set on hot black man Buster Sly and his hole twitches in anticipation of getting plugged by the big, fat black dick. The muscular, tattooed hunk sucks and slobbers all over Buster’s cock then soon winds up with his legs up in the air. His eager fuckhole is twitchy and in need of a good, hard pounding. Buster’s got just what he needs. A cock that will reach deep and scratch that itch Rocco has that drives him insane until he gets fucked raw. After munching out on the hot manhole, Buster mounts Rocco and fucks him from behind and in other positions before they explode with big loads of cum that splatter all over the place and leaves them both satisfied and drenched in sweat.

Buster Sly Fucks Rocco Martinez Bareback

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Bareback Sex In A Laundry Room With Martin Love And Martin Iresch

For those of you who fantasize about the guy at the laundromat a few machines down from yours or the guy who just finished his laundry just as you come in to the room, this scene’s for you. We’ve explored that laundry room fantasy in this scene with Martin Love, a super-hot jock with a beautifully hairy chest and a coy, knowing smile, and Martin Iresch, an unsuspectingly sexy young man who finds the penis pump that Love left behind. Naturally, Iresch gets himself hard and starts to use the forgotten sex toy. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Love’s come back to retrieve the pump and has been watching Iresch as he pumps his dick. The two are soon sucking each other; after all, there’s no better way to treat a cock except with a hot mouth with some good suction. Unless it’s with a tight fuck hole, gripping and pulling and milking. After bending Iresch over the dryer and eating out his hairy hole, Love works his raw cock balls deep inside the eager and willing bottom only to spew a hot load of jizz all over each other. Love among the rinse cycle? Anyone?

Martin Love And Martin Iresch Have Bareback Sex In A Laundry Room

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Interracial Bareback Fuckers Rocco Martinez and Kane Rider

Latin bodybuilder Rocco Martinez is pumped and ready for cock. But then again, when isn’t he? The tattooed, muscular jock is particularly hungry, especially now that he’s paired up with Kane Rider. Rocco’s seen Kane’s work. More importantly, he’s seen Kane’s insanely fat cock and Rocco’s got to have it. Servicing the big black dick in a bunk bed, Rocco slobbers all over the juicy slab of beed before getting his hot tight ass rimmed, fingered and stretched. Soon, he’s in a sling and Kane’s pumping him full of black meat for all he’s worth with Rocco still begging for more. The interracial couple fuck bareback all over and in several positions before getting down to the business of cum. And speaking of cum, if you like big loads, make sure you don’t miss the hot way in which Kane’s load contrasts with dark, sweaty body!

Interracial Bareback Fucking With Kane Rider and Rocco Martinez

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Interracial Bareback Flip Fuckers Buster Sly and Christian Rock

Buster Sly’s fans know that the handsome black dude very rarely gives up his ass for another guy to ride raw. It takes a special kind of man; one with a big dick and an attitude that knows what he’s doing. So, for this scene, he’s paired up with 100% white boy Christian Rock. A bit crazy redneck who loves fucking bareback and digs screwing hot black phat asses like Buster’s. But when you get two big dicks together you usually wind up vying for being on top. Instead of going that route, Buster just gives it up to Christian but not before the two trade blowjobs, trying to out suck the other then rimming hungry assholes. With his cock deeply entrenched inside Buster, Christian might think he’s got the upper hand but Buster’s got it going on and soon has Christian in the sling and returning the bareback fuck. He plows the hot white dude until they both explode and pop their loads.

Buster Sly's and Christian Rock's Interracial Bareback Flip Fuck

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Zack Hood Makes Nick Daniels Smoke His Cock And Hug A Tree While Fucking Him Raw

Zack Hood is walking through the woods when stumbles on young and bearded Nick Daniels. Recognizing a tree hugger when he sees one, the big muscle jock notices the cigarette in Nick’s hand and slaps it away from him. Zack is a bit of a health nut and believes nothing should go into the body that isn’t organic or comes from natural materials. So, with Nick’s health in mind, Zack offers up his uncut cock for the young man to smoke on instead. When Nick gets a hold of that dick he inhales it faster than sucking down a Newport. After taking Zack down to the balls, Nick gets spun around, bent over and rimmed. Zack goes after Nick’s hole with gusto, stretching the tiny puckered fuckhole then working his cock raw inside the bareback bottom’s ass. See? Now isn’t that much nicer? Totally homegrown and organic. Just like their cum, which flies all over after the spurt from having bareback sex. Whew! Anyone for a smoke?

Nick Daniels Smokes Cock And Hugs Trees While Getting Fucked

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