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Buster Sly Turns Kamrun Into His Bareback Bottom Bitch

For the first time since we’ve been filming, two tops have been paired up to fuck raw. And not just any tops. Two hot black tops with big black cocks; Buster Sly and Kamrun. They were having fun “making” each other suck their cock, like that was what it took to determine who got to top whom. We did it the old-fashioned way. We tossed a coin and Kamrun lost. Then again, after hearing him moan like a whore in heat as his sweet black ass gets penetrated and deeply fucked by Buster’s fat dick, maybe you’ll think Buster was the one who lost. Either way, Buster bent Kamrun over and, after eating him out, worked his fat 9’er balls deep inside Kamrun and pumped him full of raw meat. Who knew Kamrun had such a hot, tempting booty?

Bareback Black Top Kamrun Bottoms For Well Hung Buster Sly

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A Smoke And A Raw Fuck With Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven

If you’re a smoker, you know that there are two cigarettes you look forward to the most. The first is after dinner and the second is after a good, rousing bout of smoking hot bareback fucking. But in this scene with Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven, they were like, “Fuck that fuck!” So the lit up BEFORE they started fucking. And you know? There truly is something sexy about a man with a cigarette dangling from his lips, smoke rising as he squints down at you while you smoke on his cock. Zac and Igor smoke the entire time they’re having sex. Igor even blows smoke up Zac’s ass, quite literally, before mounting and fucking the tight, hairy manhole. After smoking nearly half a pack, Igor shoots his load all over Zac like a machine gun spitting bullets. And a smok’n good time was had by all! Fuck. Anybody got a light?

Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven Have A Smoke And A Raw Fuck

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Lucky Taylor Distracted And Fucked By Alex Moretti’s Fat Dick

It’s always good to look pumped and be hard when picking up sexy young men so super-hot, muscle jock Alex Moretti is at the gym. He’s looking to get in a good workout before he heads out for the clubs. His gym buddy, Lucky Taylor, is there to spot him but while the muscular beefy man is pumping iron, Lucky gets distracted by Alex’s fat dick. Being the cock whore that he is, Lucky has to investigate and is pleasantly surprised when the throbbing shaft is pumping his mouth. Lucky goes down on Alex, servicing the bodybuilding jock like a hungry pig. After Alex returns the favor Lucky’s hole is explored and he soon winds up with Alex’s cock buried up his ass. Lucky doesn’t mind. He’s been in this position before. And he loves every inch of the man’s tool! After a while, however, Alex gives his own ass up to Lucky, who dives in dickhead first with great pleasure. Soon, both wind up covered in cum, their holes fully stretched and worked out. Maybe now Alex doesn’t need to go to the clubs anymore.

Alex Moretti and Lucky Taylor Work Each Others Tight Holes

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Neighbors Denis Reed and Lucky Taylor Go Bareback

Hot summer days can lead to trouble, as Denis Reed and Lucky Taylor are about to find out. The two hot young men meet up in the backyard hoping to cool down but instead, wind up getting even hotter when they start sucking each others cocks. The contrast between blond Denis and dark Lucky will make you get boned as the two move from sucking dick to eating ass in the shed. Lucky slobbers all over Denis’ fat, uncut cock before getting it buried raw deep inside his sweet hot ass. From the look on Lucky’s face he enjoys every inch of that throbbing tool as he rides Denis down to the balls. The two men do the neighborly thing and help each other by spraying a hot load of jizz all over each other. Good thing they’re not like the Hatfields and McCoys!

Bareback Farmers Denis Reed and Lucky Taylor

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