Lucky Taylor Distracted And Fucked By Alex Moretti’s Fat Dick

It’s always good to look pumped and be hard when picking up sexy young men so super-hot, muscle jock Alex Moretti is at the gym. He’s looking to get in a good workout before he heads out for the clubs. His gym buddy, Lucky Taylor, is there to spot him but while the muscular beefy man is pumping iron, Lucky gets distracted by Alex’s fat dick. Being the cock whore that he is, Lucky has to investigate and is pleasantly surprised when the throbbing shaft is pumping his mouth. Lucky goes down on Alex, servicing the bodybuilding jock like a hungry pig. After Alex returns the favor Lucky’s hole is explored and he soon winds up with Alex’s cock buried up his ass. Lucky doesn’t mind. He’s been in this position before. And he loves every inch of the man’s tool! After a while, however, Alex gives his own ass up to Lucky, who dives in dickhead first with great pleasure. Soon, both wind up covered in cum, their holes fully stretched and worked out. Maybe now Alex doesn’t need to go to the clubs anymore.

Alex Moretti and Lucky Taylor Work Each Others Tight Holes

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