A Smoke And A Raw Fuck With Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven

If you’re a smoker, you know that there are two cigarettes you look forward to the most. The first is after dinner and the second is after a good, rousing bout of smoking hot bareback fucking. But in this scene with Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven, they were like, “Fuck that fuck!” So the lit up BEFORE they started fucking. And you know? There truly is something sexy about a man with a cigarette dangling from his lips, smoke rising as he squints down at you while you smoke on his cock. Zac and Igor smoke the entire time they’re having sex. Igor even blows smoke up Zac’s ass, quite literally, before mounting and fucking the tight, hairy manhole. After smoking nearly half a pack, Igor shoots his load all over Zac like a machine gun spitting bullets. And a smok’n good time was had by all! Fuck. Anybody got a light?

Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven Have A Smoke And A Raw Fuck

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