Kamrun Dicks Down Igor Lucas And Breeds His Ass

Kamrun, just one of Breed Me Raw’s fine black men, loves nothing more than fucking a hot ass. He especially likes it when it’s juicy bubble butt. Igor’s got one of those and better yet, he’s a compact little guy that Kamrun can probably flop around. He was sure that ass was his the moment Igor walked into the room naked. But Kamrun was very surprised when he made Kamrun suck his cock to make sure he was worthy of stuffing his hole raw with that big black dick. After a while, though, Kamrun got fed up and askedd Igor down to the floor. He skull fucked the wiry bearded fucker, shoving his uncut dick down his throat and keeping it up until he was rock hard and throbbing. That’s when he bent Igor over and tore into his ass for a bareback fuck Igor won’t be forgetting any time soon. He got his hole pumped and stuffed full of that hot dick until he spewed a load all over the table where he was being screwed. Kamrun didn’t care, though. He just kept on fucking Igor until he shot his own load. That’s what a top does. Claims the hole, marks it as his own, and seeds it so the bottom knows his place.

Igor Lucas Dicked Raw By Kamrun's Big Black Cock

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