Igor Lucas Caged and Fucked Raw by Buster Sly

Igor Lucas was ready to play a quiet game of 8-Ball, he wasn’t expecting to get his ass thrown in a cage then locked up by Buster Sly. But when a handsome man like Buster gets that serious look in his eye and shoves his big black cock in front of you, there’s nothing to do but cave in to the man’s desires. Igor sucks the huge cock, deep throating as much as he can before Buster decides to blow him then rim his hairy ass. After a while, Igor slobbers on that dark-chocolate slab of meat, slicking it with spit because he knows there’s only one place that big dick is going and that’s balls-deep, straight up his tight hairy ass! After a while, Igor begs for more and Buster complies by busting a nutt and leaving Igor very happy and satisfied. Guess he can always sink some balls later.

Buster Sly Cages Igor Lucas And Barebacks His Hole

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