Submissive Power Bottom Nick Andrews Fucked by Brad Martin

Hot and adorable Nick Andrews is a submissive power bottom with an aggressive streak. He’s paired up with bald jock Daddy Brad Martin for this from Breed Me Raw. Nick is actually more than a submissive cum whore; he’s got the ability to make you believe you’re the one asking him to suck your cock when truly, he’s a willing participant in his own corruption. He swallows Brad’s thick cock down to the base. After tormenting him for a while, Nick then turns around and presents his hole for inspection. Brad teases and fingers Nick, chewing on the butthole and getting it primed for a balls-deep bareback fuck. Before getting fucked, however, Nick shoots his load in a glass cup so Brad can use it as lube. Fucking an aggressive power bottom with his own cum. We can’t think of anything more whorish with a one-on-one scene like this one!

Aggressive Power Bottom Nick Andrews Takes on Brad Martin

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